There are Treasures Everywhere!

“I say if your knees aren’t green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life.” ~ Bill Watterson

DSC04256 - copy3

These photos are brought to you on bended knees, dusty elbows, scuffed shoes and some pretty awkward angles I found myself in.

Together with my trusty side-kick, the bounding Wonder Boy and his indomitable knack for discovery we bring you Nature’s sometimes small, modestly tiny and oftentimes hidden treasures.

DSC04460 - copy1DSC04469 - copy1DSC04383 - copy1DSC04205 - copy1DSC04187 - copy1DSC04289 - copy1 (2)DSC04241 - copy3DSC04355 - copy2

“You know what I like about summer days? They’re just made for doing things…even if it’s nothing.  ESPECIALLY  if it’s nothing.” ~ Calvin and Hobbes


* Blogging to continue after the summer, folks! In the meantime, may your summer be full of  treasures – everywhere! See you in just a bit.