Woodsmoke and Sunshine


The first blog post after a long break is always the hardest to write.

There is a self-imposed pressure to write something so brilliantly memorable as to be worth your while. Something worthy of four months’ absence. Something that will take your breath away.

It is humbling to discover that what is essentially newsworthy can’t usually be measured in words. It can ultimately only be seen in how we live.

For the true measure of who we are does not lie in our words alone. It is always reflected in our deeds. In our daily acts of kindness. Or lack of it.

It is shown in how we treat those closest and most familiar to us. It is who we are in the privacy of our homes. What sort of thoughts we allow to roam freely in our minds.

And that is perhaps the greatest challenge for every writer. How to always write with a greater measure of integrity. For it is only when we are able to teach ourselves, that our words become empowered and worthy to be read.

So here I am again, sitting in this blessed spot. This sacred place of the written word. Where we return to the pursuit of a truer self.

Where the joys and sorrows of being human mingle as wonderfully as woodsmoke and sunshine in my hair. SONY DSC

 *If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you may have noticed that this blog runs on a schedule largely determined by the school term and school vacations of one seven year old boy. This time it took longer than anticipated as my son started first grade after the summer.

And I felt I just needed to draw in closer and lock my eyes on my son during this transition of growing up. I needed to come to a place where I can say no to more. And yes to less.

I am still learning that fine art of balance. And yes, all the lessons that may only be understood and quietly absorbed in the depths and space of silence.

Thank you all so much for your comments and messages. I must especially thank those of you who wrote to me personally during this time just to check in on me. Thank you for not letting me go. Your thoughtful acts of kindness brought a deep, unexpected joy.

It surely is a most remarkable thing to be remembered with such care and fondness. Please know that gratitude fills my heart.