The Blog

SONY DSCThree years ago I discovered I had breast cancer. While this does not define me, I mention it here because it has certainly transformed me. It was my wake up call. My second chance.

I call it my blessing in disguise because it was the nudge I actually needed to take stock of my life. To try to make each day a commitment to meaningful contribution. To be concerned with needs more pressing than myself. To translate ideals into everyday deeds. To put aside the puny vanities of life. Or at least try to!

This blog attempts to tackle big issues, world issues, life issues – all from the perspective of a housewife.

Mostly, this blog is my tribute to hope. All things beautiful. Values. Service for humanity. Laughter. The goodness in all of us. And thoughts hopefully worthy to touch one heart.

And finally, to a new race of men and women around the world who constantly raise the standard for what it means to be human.