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Works of Art

“Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the Divine.” ~ Ludwig van Beethoven April has been a season of transition… Continue reading

Lessons from my backyard

Drip by drip, winter quietly surrenders to a fresh new season. And just as in all of life, there are lessons to be learnt from the world all around us if we but pause a… Continue reading

Springtime in Kabul

Today is officially the first day of spring! March 20th marks the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and while it may not look remotely like spring right now in Finland, in my… Continue reading

Explorer on the Frozen Sea

The great outdoors of Finland is a scene right out of National Geographic. Pristine, untouched sweeping panorama of frozen landscape in winter. This is a photo documentary of one dauntless explorer and his expedition… Continue reading

One Snowy Morning in Finland

I went for a walk one winter’s morn. Just to see what the world was like after a day of steady snowfall. And it lay hushed and still and contented under a pale, mellow sun. I wandered deep… Continue reading

Blaze Of Glory

That one I love who is incapable of ill will, who is friendly and compassionate. Living beyond the reach of I and mine and of pleasure and pain, patient, contented, self-controlled, firm in faith,… Continue reading

The Enchanted Wood

This is my first time photographing mushrooms. The woods near where I live is a treasure trove of toadstool charm this time of the year. For me, it’s the season of enchantment. I… Continue reading