You know it’s summer in Finland

When Finns disappear for a season of rustic contentment deep in the Land of a Hundred Thousand Lakes.

And it looks like this at 11 o’clock in the evening.

When these little fellows show up.

And barnacle geese land in your backyard.

When the parks are in full bloom.

And flowers sit on windowsills.

When the colours of the Finnish flag fill the heavens and the earth.

And daisies. They just happen.

But best of all school is out. And one little boy awaits me.

And so, for all these reasons I will be taking a break and returning after the summer.

While I will not be posting, I will be catching up on my correspondence with many of you. I’m also looking forward to coming by your place to just sit down and enjoy your wonderful sites. Please do drop me a line. I will be sure to drop in on you. Till then, I wish you and your loved ones…happy days. Summer is finally here.

“Summer begins a month from the first skylark, half a month from the chaffinch, a week’s time from the wagtail, not a day from the swallow.” ~ A Finnish proverb