Beautiful Blogger Award

The Beautiful Blogger Award is for creativity, originality, and overall contribution to the blogging community.

I know I’m really behind in posting up Awards, and for those of you who have so kindly nominated me, just know that I cherish every award that has come my way and more importantly the thought behind it.

Thank you to the lovely Renee PositiveBoomer for this one! You have always made my day. More than you’ll ever know. Hugs.

Beauty can only flow from a beautiful place within. You will understand why I have selected the following when you go and visit their blogs. In my estimation, these are some of the most beautiful blogs around and more than that, I hope you too will have the good fortune and honour to know the kind folks behind these works.  

Angela Zen Being – have you sometimes felt it’s possible to have a kindred spirit with someone you haven’t met? Meet a beautiful person.

Carol Welsh Flowers, Trees & Other Such Gifts of Nature – a place I always feel I am being pampered and spoilt thoroughly by the luxurious beauty of flowers.

Dave Gwichyaa Zhee – meet the good man from Alaska.

Dianne Life as I see it – every quote, every photo a powerful work of inspiration.

Diane Home, Garden, Life – some people have a home, a garden and a life so rich.

Fergiemoto Ichigo Ichie – a legend who needs no introduction. This is his second blog.

Meanderer The Lantern Room – a place of enchantment.

Meg I Stop For Suffering – if you haven’t subscribed, you seriously need to.

Mehmudah Ummanaal’s Musings – delighted to see life from the perspective of a strong Muslim woman, a mother, a wife, a sister and a friend.

Pat Cegan Source of Inspiration – this blog is an endless well of life, beauty and inspiration.