My First Blog Award!

In accepting this award:

1.Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass the award to 7 nominees.

Some people you meet simply shower you with joy, sunshine and abundance! They can’t help it because their cups runneth over. That’s how I’ve felt since meeting Renee of She’s a vibrant woman who’s been married to her best friend for over 40 years. Thank you Renee for this Award and for so much more!

  1. I spent the first six months of my blogging career as a closet blogger – writing only for myself and two die-hard fans. It was a very rewarding time but I’m glad I decided to share this closet space with the world too!
  2. I’m a little housewife on a mission to make kindness, unity and love for all mankind a way of life.
  3. I wake up each morning to the sounds of happy (and rather loud) singing from a 5-year old kid. My son has taught me to wake up with a song in my heart.
  4. I love the smell of the rich, damp, woody scent of the forest. It always fills me with awe to walk beneath old, towering trees, magnificent in their quiet strength and beauty.
  5. My favourite part of the day is to spend the evenings talking about life, books and sharing thoughts, ideas and lessons learnt with my husband.
  6. If I had superpowers I would like to have the gift of speaking Persian, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese and fluent Finnish! I’d also like to be able to play the cello. Alternatively, I could be boring and just go for lessons…
  7. I am a prisoner of hope.

And now for the good part! It gives me great pleasure to warmly and proudly present to you my seven nominees for this Award!! We all need inspiration to give us wings. Behind every inspiring blog is a very inspiring person. Their blogs stand out as beacons of light, hope and excellence in all they do. Most of all, they are some of the nicest, kindest and sincere folks around – exactly the kind of people I would dearly love to sit down and talk with over a cup of tea. Please do take time to visit their blogs. I know you will be inspired.

Giannina – Be prepared to have your breath taken away! Every piece of work is imbued with a sense of care and love.

Carolina – An artist, a poet, a photographer, a woman, a mother I greatly admire.

Gary & Clare – A lifelong dedication to education and works tirelessly to bring awareness, understanding and reforms to educators and the education system. –  If more people thought and acted this way, all will be well in the world today.

Sheila Marie – I wish all 16-year olds are like this girl!

Mojo – A blog which dares to tackle the big stuff of life.