Explorer on the Frozen Sea

The great outdoors of Finland is a scene right out of National Geographic. Pristine, untouched sweeping panorama of frozen landscape in winter. This is a photo documentary of one dauntless explorer and his expedition on the frozen Baltic Sea.

A day in the life of a Finnish kid – reliving Happy Feet in the Polar Arctic.

The intrepid explorer takes a break.

Grown-ups don’t do this enough. Look at the world from a different perspective.

The texture of frozen waves.

The great silence of desolate beauty. The only sounds – the deep crunch of brittle shards of ice under the feet.

This was our point of entry into the open sea. A glorious Sunday afternoon with the sun warm on our faces.

Back to our little trooper making his way home.

Land Ahoy!

The sun sets on our part of the Baltic Sea. Time to head home to warmth, a hot dinner and a good sauna. Snippets of life from the Northern Hemisphere, over and out.