A Mother’s Wishlist for a Better World

  1. We will teach our children to be less star struck by fame, glitz and glamour and more in awe of those who labour patiently and passionately behind the scenes championing the cause of the frail, needy and the forgotten of our world.
  2. Kindergarten teachers would earn more than movie stars, sports figures, designers and models.
  3. The food we eat would have seen the sun, breathed the great outdoors and walked on grass in their lifetime.
  4. Courtesy would make a comeback. So would respect. And Little House on the Prairie.
  5. Parents will see the wisdom of accustoming their children to hardship because it builds strength of character. Saying “no” is a good introduction to hardship.
  6. Mothers would be their children’s first and primary source of care, nurture and education. Not daycare centres or Filipino nannies.
  7. We would teach our daughters that the true worth of a woman is not in becoming a princess but in becoming a woman of depth and compassion.
  8. We would teach our sons that tenderness is strength and that the true worth of a man lies in mastery of himself and not over another.
  9. God, morals, values, integrity and trustworthiness will not become extinct.
  10. Mothers would one day take over world leadership and finally put an end to global bickering and wars.   
  11. There would be less nursing homes for the elderly and more homes with the elderly living as revered members of the family.
  12. Religion would be less about who’s right and who’s wrong and more about Who it’s all about.
  13. Schools would teach the principles of compassion, honesty and unity of mankind above all else
  14. Children are taught the sacredness and beauty of life in all forms. They would never stoop to mistreat anyone or anything for perverse pleasure.
  15. Sit-down family dinners and board games will take over tv-dinners and Angry Birds.
  16. There would be less effort in making fairy tale weddings and more effort in making meaningful lifetime marriages.
  17. Human trafficking, child prostitution and child labour will be something that future generations would only read about in their history books.
  18. No mother in the world would ever have to experience the heartbreak of sending their children to bed hungry.
  19. Precious pets in some parts of the world would not have more food and shelter than humans in most parts of the world.
  20. The well-fed, well-educated, well-read, well-travelled and well-rested will be more willing to ensure the well-being of the rest of the world.

World reform is personal reform. Personal reform cannot happen if people are not educated on the moral principles of compassion, justice, unity, equality, self-control, freedom from prejudice and good character.

The work starts with me. It starts with us mothers. If we get this right, our children will get it right. If our children get it right, the future of mankind will be alright. The greatest way to impact the world is to first impact our children.

  • What is your vision for a better world? I would love to hear from you: Let’s make it better for them. All of them.

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